Vintage Engine Repair

Vintage Engine Repair

>Ask a 1965 425 hp Corvette owner if having the correct 396 motor is important to them.

The vintage muscle car market is booming. Big block Corvettes are reaching figures in excess of $100,000. These values are not obtained without a lot of effort and attention to detail. One element that is very significant to a valuable muscle car is the use of the correct engine. GM, Ford, AMC and Chrysler all did it differently, but rest assured that each one had a methodology for making sure that the engine that was supposed to be in a particular car was marked.

We have undertaken a number of engine restoration projects. Many of these started with what most engine shops would consider an unusable motor. Through the use of extensive metal working ability and the knowledge of how these engines are put together we have brought many power plants back to life. Early on in their lives many muscle cars were used and abused. The cars were bought for drag racing, face it do you need a 435 horsepower big block Corvette to cruise to Church on Sunday? When these engines were damaged they were simply replaced with another engine. Today when these cars cross the auction block that engine is critical to earning the high values that owners strive for.

While we are not a warehouse for engine parts, we can assist you with locating the correct engine for your vehicle. We will not make an original engine for your classic car, but we can help in building a correctly numbered and dated engine. Please contact us directly to discuss your engine needs.

To the right you can see a before and after shot of this early Hemi motor. This engine is slated for use in a custom built street rod – it has been “performance enhanced”