About Us

About Us
Motor City Muscle is a new division to D&S Engine Specialists. D&S has been in business for over twenty years in the Metro Detroit Area. As of late we have concentrated our horsepower making division into its own entity. We will continue to strive for quality in all the projects that we undertake, happy customers has always been our goal.
This is accomplished my employing some current horsepower building technologies with good old fashioned hot-rodding techniques. The combination of the two results in a car that looks, sounds and feels like the original – but performs much better.

We have taken many of our customers cars to the chassis dyno to verify the results of our performance work. In many cases we have seen an increase of over 150 horsepower without a significant increase in engine displacement.

With the growth of events like the Woodward Dream Cruise, we have seen a growing number of customers that want to drive and enjoy their muscle cars. Through the use of contemporary technologies we are able to make these older cars perform much better than they did originally, without sacrificing the originality of the vehicle.

Ultimately what does this mean to you? Your prized, classic muscle car is equipped with a power plant that will greatly enhance the joy of driving the vehicle. At the same time, the originality of the vehicle is not compromised and there is no danger of lowering the collector value of the vehicle. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your performance needs.<br>

You may also visit our main corporate web site by clicking on the link below.